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Infant & Toddler Areas

Playful Toddler Setting Age appropriate environment Well equipped Dramatic Play Area Spacious Toddler Area  Literacy Enriched Infant Sleeping Room
Young Infants Room Educational Toys Equipped for Young Infants The Mobile Infant Room Room Equipped for Older Infants Lunch with the Mobile Infant Equipped for Older Infants
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Preschool and School Age Area

Welcome to the PS and SA Rooms A Place for Imagination and Creativity Plenty of Equipment Child Size Table & Chairs Literacy Enriched Environment Dramatic Play Space for Group Learning
Transportation Area Train Table Personal storage Area Art and Weekly Themes Displayed Boot and Shoe Shelf Circle Time Napping Cots
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Outside Dramatic Play Setting Transportation Station  Gross Motor Development Physical Fitness Opportunities Exploring Science and Nature Climbing, Sliding and Pretending Boating Area
Outdoor Arts and Crafts Sand and Water Play Outdoor Literacy and Fine Motor Development Fund and Games Positive Interaction Listening to directions Safe and Organized Playground
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Facility And Common Areas

Welcome to our child care center Sign in at the door Everyone is Welcome Educational Environment Come and Explore  Established Since 1994 Come Play with Us
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