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The staff at Child’s Play is outstanding.  They created a home away from home for our children and the staff became like family to us.  We never had to worry about the care our children would receive at Child’s Play.  This allowed us to focus on work while we were at work and focus on our children after work. They all have a special place in our hearts.

Terry and Lori

A very caring, compassionate, teaching environment- that’s what we experienced when our two children attended Child’s Play Daycare. I highly recommend Virginia and her team to anyone seeking only the best quality day care for their infant to preschool age children.


Child's Play is a well run business proven by its low turn over rate and the staff is very playful and responsive with my kids. We have been very appreciative and happy.  Many thanks Child's Play!!

Gosch family

Child's Play offers a safe, secure environment to take your children.  They offer peace of mind while you are at work.  Child's Play has a structured learning environment that prepares them for school.  The kids work on projects that teach them and have fun while they are learning.  Our daughter Riley looks forward to going to Child's Play because of the activities and field trips. She likes playing with all the other kids.  

Bill and Nancy

It is amazing what a great program and staff can do for young minds!  Hats off to your timeless energy and enthusiasm.  Our daughter is so happy when she comes home at night.  A tribute to your dedication! 

Kristi and Mark

Dear Virginia,  Thank you for accepting our grandson into your daycare center.  From what the working mothers tell me, it is very unusual to find a center that will take a child for only one week a month.

Without your assistance we would not have been able to have Austin with us during the very important developmental years.  We believe Austin is a much better person for having spent time at your center.  He developed social skills, learned to follow rules, made friends, understands structure and has made progress in basic academics.  Because of your staff, he will adjust well to attending kindergarten on Sept. 8th.

Because of your kindness, my husband and I were able have Austin in our care for five years.  We believe because of our love and devotion to him, he has grown into a wonderful little boy.  He knows we love him; he is polite, considerate and very affectionate.  I would like to believe that we have made a difference in his life.

We are sad to say, that Austin will no longer be attending Child's Play.  He is a big boy now and will be going to kindergarten.  He will fall into the ranks of all our grandchildren and spend an occasional weekend with us whenever possible..

With heartfelt thanks to you and your dedicated staff.
Susan and John