The Infant Program is designed for children 6 weeks through 15 months. Our infant program is divided into two rooms according to the infant’s large muscle mobility. The program in the infant room is tailored to meet each child’s physical needs.    

Group size: 8 to 11 children - Adult to Child Ratio: 1:4

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Quality Time

Promotes cognitive and emotional development through one on one interaction with an adult during diapering and feeding time. 


Promotes imitation of verbal and facial expressions through one on one interaction with an adult as well as use of books, mirrors, and posters.   

Reading Time

Promotes multi-cultural learning about faces, emotions, shapes, animals, objects, families, colors, and the ABC’s through the use of soft covered books, board and vinyl books.     

Cognitive Development

Stimulates thinking and reasoning skills and promotes problem solving through the use of pop-up board, shape sorter, and toys that move.

Sensory Development

Stimulates vision and feeling through the use of bright colors, textured toys, and posters.

Manipulative Development

Develops fine motor skills through the use of blocks, stackers, pop beads, and textured toys.

Large Muscle Movement

Develops gross motor skills through the use of soft climber blocks, rider toys, push toys, and tummy time (for young infants).

Outside Play

Promotes appreciation of nature through group walks with the stroller, 6-seat Bye-Bye Buggy, and Wagon.

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